Anti-Money Laundering & Compliance

Anti money Laundering : A set of procedures, laws or regulations designed to stop the practice of generating income through illegal actions. In most cases money launderers hide their actions through a series of steps that make it look like money coming from illegal or unethical sources was earned legitimately.

Our views on Anti-Money Laundering & Compliance Issues

We, at Al Mirqab Exchange know the seriousness of the Money laundering and its effects globally and for that we fully co-operate and comply with the norms of QFIU (Qatar Financial Information Unit), The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) and All the competent government agencies fighting against it. We understand and we made our AML policies completely at par with Laws, Rules and Regulations, Circulars, and other directives of the Qatar Central Bank (QCB).

Our AML POLICY guide everybody in processing transactions, knowing the customers, approving transactions, handling suspicious cases, and other activities while in the thrust to countering or combating the possible money laundering practices of its clientele or of its employees.

We understand our responsibility as financial institution towards Anti Money laundering and we are committed to be strictly focused on all issues related to AML.

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